[bad english]

Not, today is not sartuday and ._. The end of November is so radio active and there are many (?) important birthdays, yeah. HUHAUHAHAHA In English, howmake?? q It’s just a little tribute for Douglas Lee Poynter.
And if you think that he’s somebody without sucess you don’t need read it.

So, here I come..
Bass and backing vocal of the best british band, he has a cute voice and a sense of humor that I adore, yeah. *-*
Little Dougie (yeah, he didn’t grow till today…) was born exactly 22 years ago (yes, it is 30 in England *-*) in Essexy. He is a boy who likes all different and strange! Lizards, Frankie… Ok.

Everybody likes him because he’s a boy with hair so colorful how his bass and blue eyes, but how about me.. It’s not only this, it’s differente. I feel he calls me ALL THE TIME HAHAHAHA Then.. don’t create hopes. ‘Cause he is married with Harry Judd. Yeah… The best couple gay ever -NOT

I can’t talk about him anymore.. Happy bday, little Dougsta. That’s it. xxx

[/bad english]


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